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Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Friends Are Even Cooler Than I Am

My blog project is now reaching the end of its second full week, and so far I am enjoying the process immensely. There's nothing like forcing yourself to write every day to help focus your thoughts. But while I am fantasizing about the idea of starting a new school, my friend Kristen has actually gone out and done it. Check out the website for her new preschool:


Montessori and world languages are topics I plan on spending a lot of time on for this blog, so I'm very excited to follow the development of her school. Maybe one of these days when starting a school and being mom to a two year old leave her some extra free time, Kristen will share a guest post or two on her experiences getting a brand new school started up. In the meantime, I wish her the greatest success, and look forward to following the progress of her exciting project.

My friends are so awesome!

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