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Friday, June 6, 2008

My Favorite Blogs Right Now

I'm still relatively new to both reading and writing blogs, but the last couple months have given me an education in the world of blogging. Now that I've had time to explore some of what's out there (it would be more than a full time job to follow it all), I thought I would put together a list of the blogs that I've been enjoying the most. In addition to this post, I will have a permanent and regularly updated list of links on the sidebar.

Currently I have about 25 education related blogs in my Google Reader account. Here are my favorites:

I have mentioned Stacy's blog in a number of my posts already. She is a former colleague of mine from New Jersey days. In her blog she writes with humor and affection about being a teacher and a single parent. It's the first blog I read every morning.

Eduwonkette is my favorite of the handful of blogs out of Education Week. The summary from the site says, "Through the lens of social science, eduwonkette takes a serious, if sometimes irreverent, look at some of the most contentious education policy debates." It's a thoughtful, left-leaning look at the issues of the day.

Joanne Jacobs comes at education from a background in journalism. Her blog pulls together a lot of current events in education from all over the country.

The Education Wonks organizes the Carnival of Education. For those of you (like me a couple months ago) who have no idea what a Carnival is in blog-speak, it is a collection of posts on a given theme from lots of different sites. It's a good way to read the best on a topic without having to follow every blog out there. The Carnival comes out every Tuesday and rotates from blog to blog, but The Education Wonks always has a link to it. They also announce the deadline and process for submissions.

A husband and wife team from Madison, Wisconsin, the authors are both involved in education in various roles. In addition to interesting thoughts on education at all levels, they also run a regular series of music recommendations, and they have good taste.

That's the short list for now. I'm sure I will find more favorites as I continue to explore. If you have any favorite blogs, on education or otherwise, please pass them along.

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